In this XYZ Quarterly we’ll cover seven important features to add to your app’s promotional website and recap XYZ’s Q4 2020 activity.

Read on for Part 1: “How to build the ultimate website for promoting your app or project” or jump down to Part 2: “XYZ’s Q4 2020 Recap.”

Ultimate app website

Making a strong promotional website for your app or project is critical to its success. Showcasing your app on your website, a platform that you control, can help you reach potential users worldwide. A website enables you to promote and present your app independently, giving you creative reign over your marketing and your audiences. Launch your website on a short and memorable domain, and it becomes easy to share through social media, email, and word of mouth.

We’ll show you 7 essential features to consider in order to get the most out of your app’s promotional website. In this edition of the XYZ Quarterly, we’ll explore seven app websites that offer stellar examples of these features that you can use to market your own app or project.

1. Give an elevator pitch of your app or project

A key step to marketing your app is to succinctly tell users exactly what it does. This important information should be quick to read and front and center on your website. Make it easy to understand the purpose of your app by using short sentences designed with high visibility. This strategy helps visitors decide immediately what they want to do next. By providing simple information from the start, you can lead website visitors down the path to the next steps you want them to take. To see how this tip works in practice, look to is an app where users can lend everyday items to others or find and borrow an item they need. Their homepage features a two-sentence elevator pitch of the benefits to users, along with a quick description of what the app does. includes a prominent button with a call to action (CTA) to download the app, located immediately under this description. Their strategy is to tell users what their app does via the elevator pitch, then make it easy to get to the app with a simple click. In less than 30 seconds, gives future users what they need to know to get started.

Try this strategy on your homepage to quickly relay information that new users need about your app, and encourage app downloads.

2. Include a clear call to action for downloading your app

Crafting a promotional website for your app can help generate downloads and add new users. It’s essential that you make download links clear and highlight them so that they are one of the most important elements on the page. A call to action (or CTA) is an element of your website that tells your audience what to do. Websites most often will utilize a highly visible button with action text, that makes it easy for the user to see and click right off the bat. An example of a solid CTA layout can be found on’s website. is an app that uses decentralized technology to create a system where users can collect badges to confirm their participation in activities at events.’s homepage is colorful and simple, and right in the center of the screen they feature a small group of calls to action. uses the brands of Apple App Store and Google Play in their CTA buttons to show users where the app is available. A third button calls out “Questions?” which leads users directly into messaging with their team.

Try placing prominent marketplace-specific buttons on your website to immediately signal where potential users can get your app and help increase download conversions.

3. Show the devices your app works on

A significant number of apps today are compatible with more than one device. New users will want to know which of their devices work with your app before they try it. Showing them what your app is compatible with gives them a visual of your app at work, making it real in their mind. This also answers one of the first questions users will have – how to use your app. A company that answers this question in an engaging manner is is an app designed to help users e-sign documents on their mobile devices.‘s website homepage shows right away that their app works on both mobile phones and tablets by featuring images of the app in use on these devices. This visual cue gives users a clear understanding of how the app works and where, before they even read a word on the website.

Try this method to give your website viewers a strong visual that will stick in their minds, make it real, and show where your app can be used.

4. Use images to illustrate key features of your app

Your elevator pitch and images of compatible devices help viewers create a solid understanding of your app. To showcase the full range of benefits of your app, you can present a magnified version of each feature on your website. Use short, easy-to-read sentences that explain important individual features and their benefits. Share close-up images of these features next to the descriptions so users will know how to use your app as soon as they open it. A great example of this strategy is‘s website. is a bot made to integrate into the messaging platform Discord, and gives users more control over their community. allows users to add custom commands and roles for members, or gain ranking based on activity related to the community. These services can be difficult to picture, so features screenshots of each one as they would look in use on a Discord server. These visuals help explain, showing potential users how the features work, and also make it easy to visualize the benefits.

Help users grasp the benefits and get them thinking about the ways your app can solve their problems by illustrating your app’s features.

5. Share testimonials from users to add social proof

There are an overwhelming amount of apps available today. Generating trust in your app is important if you want folks to try it out. One of the strongest ways to earn that trust is by showing your app has “social proof” of its legitimacy and benefits. While app platforms already provide reviews, you can use your website to highlight the best reviews from your users, and also feature testimonials posted on other mediums. These could be social media posts, quotes, or even videos of users talking about why they like your app. can help provide some inspiration for trying this tip. is a browser application that enhances a key feature of Github, a popular platform amongst the developer community for code collaboration and version control.’s website proves the app’s popularity and legitimacy by listing testimonials from well-known members of their target audience in a section on their website titled “What people are saying…” This adds social proof and shows the app is popular with makers and developers, which are’s ideal user base.

Try this tip on your website to increase trust with new users and help increase downloads of your app from your target audience.

6. Demonstrate potential use cases for your app

The tips so far have focused on how you can use your app’s website to tell your audience what your app is and show off its features and benefits. This next tip will show you a great way to set your users up for success by breaking down scenarios that users can relate to. Users will be able to anticipate the benefits of your app before they’ve even downloaded it.

Sharing potential uses and scenarios can be especially helpful if your app solves complex problems. A model to look toward following on this tip is is a blockchain-based, email-like messaging service designed to allow users to send and receive messages between addresses and accounts. Blockchain technology is highly popular and growing fast, but many people are just becoming aware of its benefits and uses. shows how businesses, communities, and cryptocurrency owners alike could use this messaging service in the “Use Cases” section of their website. They list three different examples for each scenario, showing how users in various roles could use the service. This helps users try with a clear goal in mind as they start.

Pitching your app can be more effective when you show potential users clear ways to get started. Try this tip to make a great first impression and guide your users to a successful first experience with your app.

7. Provide a video or demo to give users a trial experience

New users often want to see your app in action before they try it themselves. Seeing how it works helps them feel more comfortable by trying before buying (or downloading.) Get inspiration for your website by seeing an example of how this is done, and also preview a useful tool that will help you do it yourself on is a recording service that helps users make demo videos of their app in use. knows the value of adding app demo videos to your website, because their app is a tool that creates demo videos! On their own website homepage, they feature a gif of the tool in use, showing the user interface of the app. They include a secondary call to action right next to their “Get it now” button, and an option to watch a demo. Clicking on the “Watch demo” button pops up a video that shows how a user can use their app to record their own app demo. This video helps potential users get a quick idea of the quality and ease of use of’s tool.

Try giving your audience a look at your app in action so they can know what to expect from the user experience. They’ll be able to see the benefits your app offers firsthand, and go into using it with more trust.


When it comes to making the ultimate website to promote your app, focus on making information easy to find and process. Give your visitors a quick pitch of your app, use clear download CTAs, and give social proof that others like your app to help turn website visitors into app users. Visualize the features and benefits of your app, offer videos or demos, and share the devices it works on to start users off on the right foot. Provide potential use cases to help your site visitors get a clear picture of how they will use your app, as well.
Following the example of the seven .xyz websites above can help you make your app’s promotional website as effective as possible for generating users.

XYZ’s Q4 Quarterly Recap

2020 has finally drawn to a close. For XYZ, Q4 was filled with just as much activity, innovation, and excitement as always. Here’s how the XYZ team, our partners, and allied organizations helped make the most of the end of 2020.

Say hello to .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup

On December 1, XYZ introduced the first-ever domain names made for the beauty industry: .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup. The naming opportunities of these new domain endings give brands, professionals, influencers, and communities of the multi-billion dollar beauty industry an exciting new way to build a flawless, industry-specific online presence.

.Beauty domains

.Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup allow beauty brands, professionals, and influencers to get affordable, memorable URLs that match their brand name, first and last name, social handle, or creative idea. The domains will carry an expected MSRP of $15-$20 and are going through an early access period for trademark holders called the Sunrise period now until February 5, 2021. An unrestricted early access period will be held for anyone willing to pay an extra fee to get their domains before everyone else from February 10 until March 2. On March 2, 2021, the domains will become available to beauty pros, brands, influencers, fans, and everyone else worldwide.

.Quest arrives to help internet users be the destination

.Quest domain names

December 1st also saw the arrival of .Quest, the domain made for gurus, experts, and authorities in any field. .Quest is the perfect domain for internet users to prove their website as the destination their audience is seeking.

.Quest follows the same launch phases as .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin and .Makeup, with a Trademark Holder Landrush period taking place now until February 5th. The domain will embark on its journey to serve online authorities everywhere on March 2, 2021.

XYZ provides domains and education for coders at seven hackathons in India and the U.S.

The virtual hackathon scene is continuing to flourish, and XYZ helped support attendees at seven hackathon events in both India and the U.S. in Q4 of 2020.

Thanks to XYZ’s ongoing relationships with Script India Foundation and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in India, XYZ supported five events in the region in Q4. Participants at IEEE Elysium, Let’s Hack, Hack the Bond, and Hack with CodeWarriors received .xyz domains to help them get their ideas and projects online. The hackathons focused on coming up with solutions to big problems like climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic. XYZ is proud to help participants share their ideas and solutions with a global audience via their new .xyz domains.

Script India Hackathon

XYZ was also a returning sponsor of US-based events Cutie Hack and Hack RPI in Q4. Participants were happy to see XYZ return and welcomed another year of access to .xyz domains for their projects, portfolios, and ideas. They also appreciated XYZ’s guidance on how to set up their perfect .xyz website.

.College helps the higher education community adapt to 2020

Higher education institutions have had a challenging year. To help them adapt to online learning, many XYZ partners shared how .College domains provide a platform for these schools to keep students and teachers connected. In addition to offering a sale on .College domains, GoDaddy, Dynadot, Rebel, and Porkbun each shared blog posts on how .College domains can take higher education organizations to the top of their class online.

Porkbun, Pananames, Rebel, and Domain Cost Club also shared a short video helping educators visualize the benefits .College could have for their institution. We’re proud to have our partners’ support in spreading the word about .College during this critical time for learning institutions online.

Pananames and cdmon offer otherworldly deals on .Monster to celebrate Halloween

Creatives, out-of-the-box thinkers, and those seeking a unique domain for their website got a spooky surprise this Halloween thanks to cdmon and Pananames. Both partners served up spooky good deals on .Monster domains, with sales of up to 92% off standard price.

The sale was the perfect opportunity for ghouls and ghosts everywhere to grab deals on domain names that are sure to help their websites make a beastly impression.

XYZ Anti-Abuse Team adds 5 new partners and wraps Q4 with a lower average badness score than legacy TLDs

The XYZ Anti-Abuse Team is at the forefront of safeguarding the namespaces of all XYZ extensions. In Q4 2020, they welcomed five new partners to join in their efforts to keep these zones safe and reputable. Thanks to the Anti-Abuse Team and our partnerships in the cybersecurity industry, .xyz concluded Q4 with a lower average badness score than other legacy TLDs during the quarter, according to Spamhaus.1

Adopters of XYZ’s family of domains can count on the XYZ Anti-Abuse Team and its partners to aggressively halt abusive use of any XYZ domains in accordance with XYZ’s Anti-Abuse policy. To report abuse of a .xyz domain, submit evidence at

Holiday sales bring a sweetly-priced end to 2020

Online shopping was the go-to gift buying method this holiday season. XYZ helped online shoppers get the world’s favorite new domain, .xyz, for as low as $0.50 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. XYZ’s partners Alibaba, Tencent, WestCN and Xinnet rang in the start of 2021 with holiday sales on .xyz domains. Their customers can start the new year with a memorable .xyz name and set themselves up for a productive year all for customer-friendly prices under $1.

2021 is finally here, and XYZ has big plans for the upcoming year ahead. Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter, following us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Wave.xyzGoDaddy customer (United States)

Creative companies are often guided by their unique identity or mission, and use that to stand out to potential clients. uses their “born digital” identity to help clients create successful online campaigns. trusts their process and uses it to help established brands innovate solutions by creating new startups. follows the creative guidance and unique design vision of their founder, Adri van Zyl. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday features another .xyz adopter fueled by their own unique philosophy to make a positive impact through their work: is a “cause first creative collective” specializing in promotional initiatives that make a positive impact.’s name is a reference to their company philosophy. Featured on their About page,’s philosophy uses a memorable metaphor that fits perfectly as the company’s elevator pitch.

“Life is made of waves. Both modest or massive, waves make impact, washing upon shore for a fleeting impression.

Through constant connection with sand, waves have the unique ability to shift boundaries.

A wave is also a moment in time for brands.

Applying such logic to brands is critical for making meaningful waves that break through disorder, generate change, and accelerate impact.”

To help brands achieve influence, offers services spanning the full promotional process. This includes developing a complete strategy, creating materials, and managing the rollout of a campaign as well. One way they aim to set themselves apart from other creative agencies is by choosing to be “nomadic.” This means goes to their client and works from the front line. Their goal is to immerse their team in the environment and create the most meaningful final product. have brought their impact-focused solution to a few notable brands. In 2018, they created a film for NOVA Hope for Haiti to help the organization raise funding at their annual casino night event. The overall project goal was to recount 16 years of NOVA Hope for Haiti’s work in the region. To accomplish this, filmed on location in South Haiti and spoke with residents to show the challenges the region is facing. Then, they created promotional collateral and managed a full campaign on social media to raise awareness of the film. The full campaign shows how NOVA has helped bring the region much-needed medical care and the positive effect it’s had. NOVA has continued to use‘s film as an introduction to their work on their company website, showing the lasting value that‘s work had for them.

For the Church of St. Francis of Assisi’s LGBT+ Ministry in NYC, completed a full branding overhaul. They developed a new branded color palette and communication strategy that reflects the ministry’s values. They then adapted this new strategy to the ministry’s print, email, digital and social media presences. says the ministry loved the new branding, which was also well-received by many parishioners at their church.

In one of their larger projects, worked with the Alzheimer’s Association in San Antonio and South Texas to create a national fundraising campaign. This campaign was set to kick off the organization’s biggest fundraising event of the 2018-19 fiscal year – the #ENDALZ campaign. filmed a video featuring individuals who have a loved one with Alzheimer’s to inspire change by showing how many lives Alzheimer’s affects. say their work helped to “invigorate advocates” ahead of two major fundraising events for the association that year. chose the perfect brand name to fit their mission, and their globally recognized .xyz domain is ready to grow alongside them as they continue to make waves in their industry worldwide. makes it easy for those interested in working with them to begin the process via their website or branded social media. They have secured on Instagram and Facebook and @wavedotxyz on Twitter and LinkedIn. These handles make them easy to find and promote their website URL right in their social media handle. Their CEO Jason Syptak has gotten creative with their memorable URL as well, listing himself as “??.xyz founder” on LinkedIn. Reach out to via their website’s contact form, or stay up to date on their latest projects by subscribing to their newsletter.

Ingenio.xyzGandi customer (Spain)

Online course platforms have steadily risen in popularity. These platforms use the connective power of the internet to teach general skills from some of the most notable names in their fields. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday features an online learning platform that is built specifically to serve engineers and architects by offering courses on architecture taught by real professionals: is an online training platform for both students and professionals in the field of architecture.‘s goal is to share education on key elements of architecture via courses taught by industry professionals. The platform selects teachers with years of experience that have achieved a working knowledge of their field. Teachers are also selected based on’s belief in their ability to teach what they know in a straightforward way.‘s platform covers relevant subjects like structural technique, materials, management, and even design software. This allows platform users to gain a strong baseline knowledge straight from the pros who are working in the field every day.

Courses on vary according to either material type or construction type. This way students can find and enroll in courses that are most relevant to their specialty or interest. Students with no specified interest can jump right into learning by choosing one of six featured courses on the homepage. This gives students the chance to try out a course and plan their learning as they go. Each course has a dedicated page with information on who it’s for and a breakdown of the main topics it will cover. Students can also read reviews from those who have completed the course, so they know what they are getting into before they begin. Teachers also give an overview for each of their courses, which publishes on their branded YouTube channel. Courses vary in price, but users can start a free version by entering their email on the course page. says they have more than 1,000 students and 70 companies currently using their courses as guides.

Each course utilizes a similar whiteboard-style drawing system, where the teachers illustrate lessons as they are speaking.‘s goal with the whiteboard system is to make it easier for students to visualize the techniques they are learning. They also hope to help create a classroom feel and build a connection between student and teacher. works to help build this connection further by featuring a questions page where students can interact with course teachers and find advice. Students are encouraged to ask anything – from problems they are facing, to doubts they may have about their progress on a project. The course teachers will then lend their expert advice and help address the student’s issue. This page is also designed for course participants to network with teachers and other professionals, so they can build up industry contacts. ranks the most active users on this page as well, which incentivizes them to complete more courses so they can gain a higher rank. For those still on the fence about trying the platform, features testimonials from over 70 companies who have used the courses when training employees. This helps build trust for potential users by showing the platform’s backing from industry pros.

Online learning can help students and professionals sharpen their skills by giving them access to expert knowledge at the click of a mouse. exemplifies the benefits online learning can have by offering a specific platform tailored for engineers and architects. Their .xyz domain has helped them create uniform branding across social media and will help them stand out to reach a global audience. Connect with on Facebook and Twitter @ingenioxyz, or by subscribing to their newsletter on the homepage.

Rocca.xyz123 Reg customer (United Kingdom)

Art is an important piece of every culture, as it allows us to explore the complexities of life in an engaging way. It is also one of the most expressive ways that communities can share and celebrate their unique identity with others. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday features the portfolio of a cultural producer who provides a global platform for artists from the LGBTQ+ and East African communities to tell their stories: is the online portfolio of London-based artist and cultural producer Rocca Holly-Nambi. Rocca is currently the Head of Arts for the British Council, East Africa, a program promoting creatives and artists from countries in East Africa and the UK. She is also completing a Ph.D. in Visual Cultures at the University of London. Her artistic work centers on the culture of both the East African and the LGBTQ+ communities. Rocca has earned many awards and grants in nearly 20 years as an artist. This includes an ISPA Global Fellow grant, a grant from the European Cultural Foundation, and award recognition from the Gordon Forum for the Arts, the British Council, and the Big Lottery Fund, among many others.

Rocca founded the East Africa Arts British Council program and has overseen it since its start. The program aims to connect contemporary British and East African artists through grants, opportunities and projects. One of Rocca’s main projects in her role on the Council is producing a collection of artworks from East African artists. The project highlights work from artists who must use innovative visual strategies to represent LGBTQ+ points of view in art and “thrive in atmospheres of queer oppression.” Rocca says her goal is to “highlight the artists’ work, celebrate the impact visual culture has on the queer journey, and build strategies for creating alternative spaces and avenues of thought.” In her role for the council, she says she has also helped commission 16 major new artworks of East African artists and curated film festivals in seven countries. This program is a testament to Rocca’s passion for art and the great positive impact she has had on artists in East Africa.

Rocca’s work outside her role on the Council also includes notable projects. Her own studio work aims to visualize “both the mess and potential of new connections” in a thought-provoking way. In one example piece, Rocca uses enamel paint on an egg box to convey what she describes as “everyday queerness.” As part of a residence at the Edinburgh Mela Festival, Rocca helped form and managed a youth hip hop group in Edinburgh, which later performed across Scotland. One of Rocca’s most unique visual pieces is Jump, created in response to the 500 year anniversary of Thomas More’s book Utopia. More’s book centers on the political system of an imaginary “ideal” island nation. Rocca’s piece subverts this idea by showing a looping video of performance artist Ife Piankhi moving through a deserted island while a poem Ife wrote plays over the video. Rocca uses the piece to show the island can be a utopia for some and a repetitive dystopia for others.

Art is one of the most powerful tools we have to convey emotion and explore different cultures. Rocca shines as an example of the .xyz community through her celebrated art and the positive impact she’s created in her career. See more of Rocca’s work by following her on Instagram and Twitter, or checking out her portfolio on

Foodism.xyzGoDaddy customer (India)

The holiday season is in full swing, and food lovers, home chefs, and seasoned professionals alike are sharing their favorite meals and discovering exciting new recipes. The internet is a major force driving these individuals to connect and network. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday harnesses the power of their website to reach these individuals and build a community made for all kinds of food lovers, wherever they are on their culinary journey: is a media brand that aims to be the one-stop destination for all things food. Based in India, offers culinary professionals and food lovers a place to discuss cuisines, network, and share recipes or opinions. says their mission is “to gather all food enthusiasts under a single roof and help solve their everyday issues by connecting them to the right people.” Indian cuisine-lovers can chow down on’s recipe-filled magazine, or grab new meals to try from their recipe sharing platform. They can also cook smarter by reading’s “feed bites,” which give tips on healthy ingredients to incorporate into your cooking alongside suggestions for developing better eating habits.

The magazine seeks to deliver interesting and exciting food content directly to your inbox each month. Each issue features different seasonal food topics, deep dives into regional cuisines, and articles about what dishes to serve when celebrating upcoming holidays. Regular sections include chef interviews, snack reviews and even a home decor section.’s magazine features recipes for both health-conscious readers and those with a sweet tooth, with the overall goal of inspiring their next favorite dish. Past months’ issues are downloadable or can be read directly on the website if you create a free account.

November’s issue centered around sharing recipes and comfort foods to cook for cold winters. A few of their “must have” winter recipes include fruit and nut-based dish vasaanu, sweet-flavored Kehwa tea, and Ghugra pastries, which are popular during the colder months. For their regional food focus, offered a vegetarian twist on the typically meat-based Kashmiri Pandit cuisine. They wrapped up the comprehensive issue with chai inspired dishes and unique sweets to help bear the cold, along with stories from transplants to India about their favorite chai meals.

Another key element of is their interactive recipe sharing platform. The tool features step-by-step recipes searchable by keyword, cuisine type, or author. Those who have created a account can submit their favorite recipes using the site’s five step process. Users’ submissions require a description of the dish along with written instructions for making it and photos or video of the cooking process. adds even more helpful info for readers by choosing a “recipe of the day” from the recipes submitted.

Another way users can connect more closely with their passion for cooking and their fellow users is by sharing food stories. This section features users recalling memorable meals and giving tips they’ve picked up from past culinary experiences.’s aim for this section is to gather experienced chefs and food fans alike to improve their recipes, find new dishes, and share their journey with others.

Users of have new features to look forward to on the horizon as well. plans to launch an e-commerce marketplace through both a mobile and web application. They say this new marketplace will allow users to network and swap or sell cooking products.

Gathering with others who share your interests and hobbies helps add to your overall enjoyment of them. shows that you can join a community around your interests from anywhere in the world through the internet. Their work also serves as a great example of how .xyz users foster community and help individuals build a deeper connection with the things they love.